About Us

We value family, and we believe you will find that spirit here at our Church.  

We're just a group of believers in Fenton who love Christ and desire to serve others.

You Matter!

Here at First Baptist Church 

we want you to know some things about us

We want you to know "we don't have it all together” — That’s probably why we make such a close family, because we’re all broken in some way and kind of stumbling through life in desperate need of grace.


We want you to know, "we’re not judging you" — When you walk in, we’re glad to see you! Don’t worry about having to “measure up” or “fit the mold.” None of us really measure up to God's mold, and we’re all very different.


We want you to know  "we’re not very religious" — Over the years, the message of the Gospel has been drowned out with many religious terms, structures and systems that leave people confused and frustrated. Our desire is to have you move from "religion" to having an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. We do this by worshipping Jesus Christ and applying his Word in a relevant way that helps you connect scripture to everyday struggles in life. No pointless tradition, no archaic languages, no lifeless lectures, no religious arrogance. We open the Bible and apply it to real life in the 21st century—and it makes a BIG difference!


We want you to know "that a lot of us are new" — Our pastor and alot of our church family are new in recent months!  We are all still getting to know each other, building relationships that are Christ-centered.


We want you to know  "we really are just regular people"— We’re alot like you.  We work hard, try to pay our bills, fight for our families, and try to make sense of a “hopeless” culture. We are all just looking for Biblical encouragement and are glad to have friends who also have faith in Jesus Christ.

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